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Ronald Aaron Tapp, Jr., MS
Chief Certifying Scientist

Ron Tapp is the Validation Specialist and Certifying Scientist at Advanta Analytical Laboratories. Ron received his Masters of Science in Toxicology and his Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry from Louisiana State University. Ron is experienced as a Geneticist, an Infectious Disease Specialist and a Toxicological Chemist. He has more than 20 years total in the laboratory, including 5 years in FDA GLP laboratories, 3 years in Bio-Safety Level 3 laboratories and 2 years in Quality Assurance specializing in FDA GLP validations for a large CRO. Ron has expertise in regulatory compliance with CLIA, COLA, CAP and FDA and works to assure Advanta's Quality Product.

Bemnet Alemayehu, BS, MS
Certifying Scientist

Bemnet Alemayehu received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Addis Ababa University in 2011. He subsequently received his Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Tyler in 2015 with emphasis in Biomechanics. He also has a FANUC Robotics Certification in Material Handling and programming.

Prior to Joining Advanta, Bemnet has worked as a research and teaching Assistant at University of Texas Tyler. He also has experience working at manufacturing industries in Machine Design, HVAC, and lean manufacturing.

He has strong analytical skills with the ability to collect, organize, analyze, and disseminate significant amounts of information with attention to detail and accuracy. He has gathered diverse experience in identifying, analyzing, and interpreting data, using statistical programming languages such like R or Python.

Kristy Corbitt, BS
Certifying Scientist

Kristy Corbitt graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Georgia Southern University in 2002. Before joining Advanta, Kristy worked in both industrial and clinical laboratory settings. She began her career as an Absorbent Materials Scientist, before being moved into the role as Quality Assurance Supervisor and Chemical Administrator for a large industrial manufacturing facility. Within the recent years, Kristy has transitioned into the area of clinical toxicology and has worked as a Confirmation Technician as well as an LCMS Operator for the past four years prior to joining Advanta.

Kristy joined Advanta Analytical Laboratories in 2016 as a Certifying Scientist.

Larry James Allen, Jr.
Certifying Scientist

Larry James Allen, Jr. (Chuck) graduated in 1996 from with a degree in Medical Laboratory Technology and is certified by ASCP. Chuck’s career launched at a local hospital where he became skilled in all laboratory processes. In 2010, Chuck began working in a high complexity laboratory where he greatly developed his proficiency by successfully completing advanced LCMS training under Dr. Mary Long, Ph.D., NRCC. He joined Advanta in 2016 as a Certifying Scientist.

Chuck joined Advanta in 2016 as a Certifying Scientist.

Brandon Kubala, CG(ASCP)CM
Molecular Laboratory Manager

Brandon manages the clinical molecular genetics lab and works with company leadership to evaluate and develop new and emerging technologies within Advanta's clinical laboratories. Brandon has 12 years of experience in the molecular laboratory working in both the academic and private settings.
He also brings over 9 years of genetics laboratory management experience to Advanta. One of Brandon's passions is the education of future generations of genetic technologists. He has served on the advisory committees for both the molecular genetic technology and cytogenetic technology programs at U.T.M.D. Anderson Cancer Center's School of Health Professions.

He has also managed a clinical rotation site and acted as a student mentor for both academic programs. Previously Brandon has worked at Dynagene (Labcorp), U.T.M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and the Center for Medical Genetics in Houston, Texas.
Brandon graduated from Texas A&M University in 2001 with a bachelor's degree in biomedical science, and added a second bachelor's degree in Cytogenetics from U.T.M.D. Anderson's School of Health Professions in 2003. He is certified in Cytogenetics by the ASCP.

Brian Conley, BS
Operator Genetics

Brian graduated in 2011 from Oklahoma City University with a bachelor's of science degree in Cell & Molecular Biology along with a minor in Chemistry.

After graduating, Brian worked for three years at Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation as a Senior Research Technician, performing molecular work in the cardiovascular department.

Brian was originally the operator of an Advanta clinical laboratory in Oklahoma City before his transfer to join the Genetics department and move to Advanta Analytical Laboratories in Tyler, Texas in May of 2015.

Jacy Ford, BS
LCMS Operator

Jacy Ford graduated College in 2014 with a Bachelor's degree in Biology, and a minor in Chemistry from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.

After completing her degree she accepted a job from Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostics Lab at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, as a lab technician in their Histopathology lab.

She completed a full year at the histopathology lab before deciding to move to Tyler, Texas, to join our team at Advanta Toxicology as an LCMS operator.

Scott Maldonado, BS
LCMS Operator

Scott Maldonado is a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry graduate from the University of Texas at Tyler. During his final year of earning his bachelors, Scott worked for the university as a lab technician, performing many dilutions that were used to test the kinetics of Esther Hydrolysis reaction.

Following his graduation in 2014, Scott went to work as a lab technician and QAQC chemist at Rockwater Energy Solutions in Tyler, Texas where he ensured the quality of emulsion polymer and production chemicals within a pre-determined specification. This included analysis of FT-IR, PPG, Refractive Index, Specific Gravity, and Total Amine Value. He served as the lead analyst that ran the ICP to analyze metal levels of oil field water samples.

The Tyler native joined the Advanta toxicology team in 2016 where he currently is an LCMS operator.

Brody Snyder, BS
LCMS Operator

Brody Snyder graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry from the University of Texas at Tyler in 2014. During his junior and senior years, Brody worked as an undergraduate research assistant studying synthesis and ligand-bonding properties of vanadium(V)-thiolate complexes.
Following graduation in 2014, Brody worked as a QC chemist for Rockwater Energy Solutions in Tyler, Texas where he ensured the quality of emulsion polymer and production chemicals within a given specification. Chemical analysis included the use of FLAA, ICP-AES, FT-IR, PPG, Refractive Index, Specific Gravity, and Total Amine Value.

Brody joined Advanta Analytical Laboratories in 2016 as an LCMS Operator.

Virginia Hinson, BS
Operator Genetics

Virginia Hinson graduated with an associates degree form the Texas recognized Biotechnology program at Lonestar Community College in 2011.

She continued her education by earning a Bachelor's of Molecular Genetic Technology from M.D. Anderson in 2015 and is a certified molecular biologist by the American Society for Clinical Pathology. She has a diverse experience in clinical labs and forensic labs.

Isaac Nájera, BS
Operator Toxicology

Currently as a laboratory supervisor at Advanta, Isaac, demonstrates qualitative and semi-quantitative drug screening analysis while ensuring accurate testing of samples. Isaac possess a meticulous approach to training, mentoring, and informing others of Good Laboratory Practices and procedures throughout the laboratory.

His prior experience as a laboratory technician at The University of Texas at San Antonio, shaped his methodology for following protocols, and understanding the importance of quality assurance in a neurobiology research laboratory. At WIL Research LLC, he enhanced his understanding of the behavioral, phenotypic, and genotypic effects of pharmaceuticals that are being utilized in today's markets.

At Battelle he furthered his scientific knowledge in the Botulinum mouse assay program, where he received rigorous GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) training to instruct others on implementing GLP applications for daily tasks in a BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratory. While employed at OSO biopharmaceutical (OSOBIO) he performed tasks under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). He conducted stringent documentation and record keeping of findings and results to assist proper personnel for analytical and internal investigational reviews. Mr. Nájera's background in the field of science and research leads him to work with biomedical laboratories that benefits public health. Isaac E. Nájera received his Bachelor of Science in Biology at The University of Texas at San Antonio.