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ProLabel Private Label Services

Private Label Services

Advanta Analytical Laboratory ProLabel Private Label Services allows you to brand and promote our multi-service business model as if it were your own in order to capture lost revenue and expand your clinical reach.

From planning through implementation, to ongoing support and managed solutions, Advanta Analytical Laboratory ProLabel Private Label products empowers you through custom service initiatives.

With services delivered directly to you, rely on Advanta expertise to build a comprehensive and competitive services strategy for your practice, hospital or laboratory.

What is the value of Private Label Services?

  • Eliminate the overhead and expense of infrastructure and maintenance.
  • Your brand, our investment, science, team and technology
  • Extend your business footprint
  • Implement and offer new services and laboratory tests without exhausting capital, resources or time
  • Leveraging Experienced, highly trained scientists and technicians
  • Toxicology, Pharmacogenomics and Molecular expertise
  • Experienced Marketing team to develop a seamless and proprietary marketing strategy

Advanta ProLabel Your Laboratory Private Label

  • A proven leader in the toxicology, molecular, and pharmacogenomics testing
  • Helping you to be competitive and generate new business to your hospital, practice or laboratory.
  • ProLabel Services products place your business on an immediate competitive footing.
ProLabel Services turnkey business model that is implemented without substantial investment in infrastructure.


  • Access to documentation experts who are available in the field for client visits
  • In-person training as well as follow-up training
  • Training on toxicology, molecular, and pharmacogenomics testing and compliance


  • Individual sales representative support and access to subject matter experts
  • Client services support and customer support
  • Risk management expertise and compliance training


  • Customizable marketing material, messaging, and sales tools
  • Supporting materials around testing protocols and risk management
  • Identification of market segments for outreach

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